FLEXPUR began its business in the production polyurethane moduling foam in 1986.
The company has been founded by some members who, thanks to other productive companies, boast highly qualified work experiences, producing for world-wide known important companies (Ferrari - cars, Avioninteriors - chairs for aircrafts, FS - Italian State Railways).
The technician staff of FLEXPUR, thanks to its experience, hold an extensive knowledge in the domain of polyurethane moduling foam.
  • Integral  skin polyurethane foam, black and coloured, painted in mould.
  • Flexible could moduling polyurethane, for generally comfort stuffing.
  • Rigid polyurethane, mainly addressed in the car field.

The company production is mainly addressed to these three typologies.

  1. Integral skin Polyurethane foam with: reserved for manufactured products that may be black- or coloured-painted, thanks to painting in mould with particular paints. This type of polyurethane is mainly employed in furnishing (arms for office and cinema chairs, security bumpers, handles for campers, panels for pieces of furniture and trolleys, etc.).
  2. Flexible could moulding polyurethane foam, cold stamped: it is a product that, later, must be covered with fabric; it is mainly employed in furnishing (home and office). With the correct dosing of the components, it is possible to obtain a softness suitable to every comfort need; moreover, using appropriate inserts in the foam, it is possible to obtain self-supporting assemblies.
  3. Rigid polyurethane: it is employed in different fields, but our current production is specialised in stamped spoilers for cars.

FLEXPUR, if requested, has a system suited to the application of a holding bottom on the stamped piece.
Moreover, FLEXPUR is able to carry out, directly or thanks to qualified mould-sinkers, the production of moulds and of all equipment, included the possible stiffening inserts, necessary to satisfy all requirements and requests.